Pan Burn Worktop Repair York Selby Leeds Hull

Pan burn worktop repairs by Namco Refurbs. Earlier this week we had a pan burn worktop repair over in York. The call came in from a private tenant concerned that they would loose there deposit due to a large pan burn on the worktops surface. After receiving a couple of photos received of the damaged worktop repair the customer was happy with our price and the repair was book in. The repair took 3 hours to complete as it had a large burnt affected area. The results of the worktop repair in the customers own word “Amazing, what a result…. i can not see it” lets just say the customer was extremely pleased with the repair to the pan burn worktop repair by Namco Refurbs.

Pan burn worktop repair York Selby Leeds Hull.


Not only do we perform Pan burn worktop repairs, we can repair any hard surface in and around your property WITHOUT THE NEED TO REPLACE.

Check out all our services including worktop repair York, Veneer door repairs Selby, Bath and sink repair Leeds, UPVC PLASTIC WINDOW FRAME REPAIR, Vandalised laminate door repairs, Pan burn worktop repairs Manchester.

There are many different types of surfaces that can be repaired and refurbished. Here is a sample

  • Worktops
  • Draw unit door face
  • Cupboard door face
  • Fridge freezer doors
  • Integrated Washer/dryer doors
  • Under sink units
  • Under counter units
  • Wall units
  • Bath sink & shower tray repairs
  • Laminate & floor tile repairs
  • Stainless steel sink scratches
  • Scratched glass repairs
  • Upvc & plastic window and door frame repairs
  • Tile repairs including chips and cracked
  • Laminate floor scratch repair
  • Vandalised surface repairs
  • Sauna & steam room refurbishments
  • Jacuzzi repairs and refurbishments

If your surface has been scratched, chipped, dented, burnt or water damaged, Namco Refurbs can repair and restore it back to a freshly installed look.

Pan burn worktop repair York Selby Leeds Hull.

How Long Will It Take

This really all depends on how badly damaged the surface is and how many repairs there are to do. Smaller repairs generally take up to an hour with the repaired surface ready to use again shortly after. For more sever repairs say for instance this Pan burn worktop repairs , this could take half a day to complete but will be ready to use straight after. When compared to replacing the item you not only save time and money but also the environment.


Looking to book a Technician ?

Our technicians have been performing Pan burn worktop repairs for customers across Europe for over 16 years. With invisible results we are the name to trust when you need us most.

Areas covered include, Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Stockport, Tameside, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Wigan, Warrington, Wilmslow, Hale, Altrincham, Sale, Stretford, Chester, Liverpool, Ellesmere port, Birkenhead, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, stoke-on-Trent, Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster. Trafford, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales, York Selby Hull Leeds

With over twenty 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook we are the name to trust when you need us most.


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Pan burn worktop repair York Selby Leeds Hull

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